10,000 days old

Today I am 10,000 days old. November 4, 1977 is when I came into the world. It seems like I've only been on this earth for a little while, not 10,000 whole days. Inspiration came from a Bebo Norman song about being 10,000 days old.

This is how to figure it out. You'll need access to Microsoft Excel (or the random Mozilla equivalent). In one cell, type your birth date [make sure the cell is formatted for a date]. In another cell, estimate the date you'd turn 27.5 years old. Then set up an equation where your birth date is subtracted from your estimated date. Finally, format the cell your answer is in to show a number, not a date. Then, just adjust the estimated date until the answer is 10,000. If you do it, share your answers. Remember, you can also do this with other numbers and it's just as invigorating.



Dave said...

I will have been alive 9000 days on August 26th, 2005.

And as for 10000 days = May 22, 2008.

Ro said...

Dude you are 11 days older than me...so... whatever day you're at... at any point in the future and you think of -ro- minus 11 days that total and that's how old I'll be on that given day. I'll miss having you around.

much love,