the spectacular mundane

I've been thinking recently about all the new ideas I've been exposed to in the past few months. From the fact that people can "belong" to other people in many ways to the realization that the truth may be more colorful than black and white. I'm not really writing about those things, I'm just reviewing how my life has changed since these many thoughts have entered (plagued?) my head. Not much, really. I may be thinking differently, but the only way it's changed my actions is that I voted for Nader.

I guess I'm trying to get my mind around real change. If my life is a movie, I'm wondering when the upbeat/triumphant music is going to begin playing. I don't think I'm grabbing at straws here, either. I've definitely had times in my life where I could literally touch, see, and feel real change taking place.

My hunch is that this change was a long time coming and that I remember the past too fondly and too expeditiously. Maybe it's not in the spectacular sudden, maybe it's just in the mundane. Real change could possibly just be the sum of many lackluster, if not boring, things I do.

If this is true, then I'm coming to know that real change does indeed take place over the long haul. My mind has changed so much about so many things, yet the change is still slow. I still do most of the same things I used to, I just have a new perspective. And the magnitude of my paradigm shift would seem to require radical action in my life. So, is it me? How have you experienced a new perspective and let it change you? Please, no action points or 8 easy steps, just a chunk of life please, if I may be so bold to ask.


Nelson said...

I totally see a similar progress in my life. Over the past year, as I have come to better understand the major doctrines in Christianity, I have shifted greatly in my thinking and understanding of God. (all of this stemming from my discovery/understanding of "Reformed" doctrine)

And I also totally agree with you that shifts as great as I've come to see in my thinking about God requires incredible change and action. However, I am not seeing those changes. At least, I'm not seeing them the way I think I should see them.

In the Christian society, we place a lot of emphasis and changed lives, and we hear and read of incredible testimonies where people are changed instantaneously and magnificantly. I've come to think of this as the "norm" and anything less than this isn't change, it's adaptation.

However, I have also come to realize that sanctification is a continuous work, and that God completes His work in us when we die. That helped me realize these small changes (almost imperceivable) are part of a larger, life-long process God is bringing me through.

Thanks again for your openness. You have incredible insight, and it helps me see things in my own life worth dwelling on.

Kent said...

Change is inevitable. You can push it or resist it, yet it happens. I myself have always been an advocate for change. Take, for instance, the past few months of my life. Without jobs, Jessica and I moved to New Orleans, in hopes of me starting my schooling at NOBTS. That is what you could call a sudden change: leaving our family and friends behind in a leap of faith to parts unknown.

I love change, and I like it to happen often. It could be anything: routines, a different way to work or school, removing a habit, and apparently moving. Savor the moments no matter how small where change happens, especially when God is involved.

I find that when I try to push big changes, if God is not in it or is definitely telling me not to indulge, it gets sour. So, I let God handle it, and I relish them as they come along.