I was told recently that my blogs are "very deep," so for a change of pace, here's my fluffy post of the millenium:

An Ode to the Three Purple Chairs at Kennedy Coffee

Velvety and plush
You chairs make me blush
At the sight of your twelve, stubby legs
My tired frame relaxes and begs
To sit a spell and unwind
From a day so unkind
You help me drink a full cup
Of coffee that keeps me on the up and up, up, away...

How's that for fluffy?

On a cool note, I got to wrestle with Jed, my son, yesterday. It was the first time he responded to me rolling around with him. He began to growl back at me and then "attacked" me by opening his mouth wide and putting it on me face. It was possibly the best moment yet of being a father.

Oh, yeah, and if you read this or any other post, please post a comment, even if it's just a kind word. It's great to hear from friends.


Jessica said...

This is your sister-in-law. I just found your blog today via google. Jed sounds fun. I'm looking forward to playing with him again! By the way I have a blog too! You can read it at www.jessicasbigideas.blogspot.com.

Brett said...

Nice poem. Not quite as nice as the homemade chocolate whipped cream at Kennedy Coffee, but nice nonetheless.

I can completely relate regarding the wrestling. Elspeth now shouts "westle!" every time I come home indicating that she wants to wrestle around on the floor with me and her big sis.

Carrie said...

Yeah for purple chairs. The funnest (I know that is not a word) thing Elias is doing is staring at his hands. It looks like he is doing Tai-chi. He also loves playing peek-a-boo. He has yet to roll over...he is very laid back.

Dallas said...

Here's the secret to getting more comments on a blog

1) Not-Deep = Easier To Comment On.
2) Politics will bring the comments out, especially if it involves one of the following: legalizing something that is illegal, Ralph Nader, throwing out some far-leaning idea and then finishing with "What do you think?"
3) A link to a funny clip of some kind.

Consider yourself enlightened, bro.

Nelson said...

Thanks for the fluffy, Drew. I really sit amazed by your normal, deep blogs. I wish I had that kind of insight and understanding of myself and respect that you can see that in yourself (referring the previous post).

And I was just thinking about our conversation at the Kelley's garage sales about Election / Free Will. You mentioned that you were hung up on God's Love and how that fits into the Election picture. I thought about this and realized (coming from a Reformed viewpoint), that God's love is demonstrated in the fact that there is even an election! We all deserve God's wrath and condemnation, but he chose to love us. During Noah's time, God was sad he created man, but still chose to save 1 family and some animals. So is the cup half full or half empty? Is God unjust for killing everyone but Noah and a few animals, or is he magnificantly loving for doing this?

Those are just my thoughts...reformed as they are.


Scott said...

dude hope you dont crush him