Old U2, new U2, R2D2

Here's my confession: I'm just not into U2. I think they're a good band. I think they sing about lots of cool things. In fact, I even have a lot of respect for them, more so than many other bands. I'm just not into them. They don't flip my switch for some reason.

Moreover, I don't get what the big deal is with them. I don't get why people go ga-ga over them. I actually think a lot of their songs are beginning to sound the same. I also think their songs sound like a lot of other songs on the radio. Some would suggest that U2 is such a trendsetter that pop culture just follows suit. Like bands started to sound like the Beatles because they were just so influential. I would disagree. I think U2 was a trendsetter, but now a lot of their fresh stuff sounds like a lot of other people's fresh stuff.

I don't even think U2 has lost a step. I just think they used to be trendsetters, and now that culture has caught up with them, the only thing that separates them from the rest is that they've been able to sustain a great level of excellence for so long.


Nelson said...

I'm a huge U2 fan, though their music doesn't always "flip my switch". I think about 60% of my fanship is based on respect for their older music which, as you stated, was very trendsetting. Nowadays, I'm not so big on them, but still hold them in high respect.

I mean, take Adam Clayton (bassist) as an example. They needed a bass player, so they see Adam and think he looks cool. But he doesn't know how to play bass. So they teach him. Now he's the coolest bassist ever, and has trademarked that head-bob thing. Those kind of stunts make my level of respect for them sky rocket.

Plus they wrote the line: "She wears my love like a see-through dress". I mean, c'mon! That's incredible!

Kent said...

I also hold U2 in high respect, mostly for their earlier stuff. However, I don't believe they were trendsetters. They were breakthrough artists back in the day, and changed the way we heard music, but I don't recall hearing many, if any bands that had their similar sound. With their continuing change over the years, as far as their style, it's hard to hear that they have much of a style they can call their own anyway.

Jason said...

they don't do it for me either Drew. I grew up during thier prime time but never really got on board with them. I have come to find out it is really OK to not totally love U2. Just be yourself and dig what you music you want. Word up?

jlo said...

I am coming out of the closet as well and admitting I am not a big U2 fan...wow, that feels really good to say. I have always felt pressured to say that I was a fan. Thanks guys, you made my day.

shauna said...

clearly, we need another U2 fan comment. here i am! my older brothers raised me on U2, so i have very fond memories of them and their sound and their journey. probably Achtung Baby and Rattle and Hum are my favorites. although The Joshua Tree was also great. unfortunately i am not a fan of their earliest stuff, and sad to say i am not a fan either of their new single. not sure why, just don't like it. hmm . . . sorry U2. but i will forever be a big fan!! love 'em!

mediaguru @ HookedOnGolfBlog.com said...

Being a drummer I tend to listen to bands/music differently than some. U2 hasn't ever "flipped my switch" either. Their drums are solid yes, but not unique in my book. The vocals just sound "whiny" to me.

Obviously they're doing something right or they wouldn't have lasted this long or sold this many records


Nelson said...

Ok Drew. It's time for a new post.

I need a little Drew in my life...I miss ya!