I got the job!

I would like to announce a few things on the blog because so much has been up in the air about where we're going, what we're doing, etc. Today, things got solidified and it feels so good.

I got a job at Southwestern Seminary as a production artist [graphic design] and will start January 2nd. I accepted it today [after I turned it down about 10 days ago, long story].

This means we're moving to Fort Worth right before Christmas. We don't know about the living situation just yet, but I'll be looking for houses/apartments in Fort Worth while Kristy and the kids are in Northwest Arkansas [hey Browns!] over Christmas and a little while afterward.

This also means we need to sell the house very, very soon. If you know someone looking for a 4bd/3bt 2,100 sq ft house right in the middle of Lafayette, you just let me know. Also, if you are an able-bodied person who would like to help us clean up and fix it up, we need you pronto. Give me a call or email me.

OK, consider yourself informed and please help us inform others. Hey, it's not gossip if I give you permission, right?


Johnny E! said...

Congrats dude, Hey there are some houses for sale in my neighborhood, and I can hook you up with a great real estate agent up here if you want. She is one of my volunteers in Camp Keystone. Let me know. And you will have to come and see our church!

Jon said...


- Your new boss :)

PS - I have my eye on you already. Get ready to work...HARD!

PSS - I just love Google Alerts

Drew Caperton said...


Justin said...

That's awesome

Margo said...

Drew, I'm excited for your family as this new chapter awaits. I'm not going to lie, I'm SUPER excited about having Kris and the kiddos here for a bit!!! I MISS MISS MISS your crew!

Ya'll are in our prayers, now and always