A Catholic and a Baptist Walk into a Church...

I'm thinking of writing treatises concerning serious issues within the Church and Culture, primarily within the local area of Lafayette. My hope is to shed light on recurring problems that continually plague most people [both believers and unbelievers]. Here's a working list:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Freedom, not Behavior Modification
Alcohol: Moderation, the Spirit, and Our Permission
Evangelism: Fishing with Nets, not Poles
The Church: How People Gather
Speaking in Tongues: Abuse and Freedom
Catholicism and the Gospel

I would like everyone to weigh in with comments, suggestions, and other snide remarks.


jnthn said...

They all sound very interesting. What do you mean by The Church? Isn't it supposed to mean something like the people gathered around Christ? I know you have a particular idea in mind of where you are going with it.

I would love to help you with this, if you want some outside contribution. Also did you get the email from me about the books?

Drew Caperton said...

I think what I mean about "The Church" is the gathered assembly of believers. I've run across many people and even some literature that suggests the church should be this size or that size, or that it's even when two or more believers are simply together. The Church is more than that, so that's what I'd write treatise/essay on.

bretts said...

An interesting interview with Deal Hudson on topic of "The Church and Culture". (link)


Thought you might be interested.