So, what's up with Vox?

I've gotten this question a lot lately. Naturally, I'm going to use my all-but-dead blog to relay the important details of some big decisions that have gone down with our Vox Church.

After a few months of stuff just not working**, I laid it out before God and asked Him to help make sense of what was going on with the church. He let me know that I needed to step back from the situation and cancel all that was going on.

So the quick story is that Vox Church in its current form has been shut down. We're not doing anything organizationally as a church.

The long [and more confusing] story is that I'm still a church planter and that Vox Church will be replanted sooner or later.

This situation has brought about some necessary questions:

#1 - What are you doing for money? There is not complete answer to this one yet. I'm still continuing to raise support for the church [and thus, me and my family] and being funded in part by the Southern Baptist Convention as a church-planting missionary. We're at about 60-65% support right now.

#2 - How long will it be until things start up again? I'm still not sure. To immediately try and jump back in and start something else feels a little forced. So, as hippie as it sounds, I'm waiting until it "feels right" with the Spirit. It seems like the first thing we'll do is start a home Bible study somewhere and grow it from there.

#3 - What are the people of Vox Church going to do? Well, everyone will do something different I suppose. The Capertons are going to be settling in at East Bayou Baptist Church for a while, as they are our "sponsoring church" within the SBC stuff, but we'll probably be all over.

#4 - How are you doing? I'm in pain. It deeply hurt to do this, and I'm dealing with feeling like a failure. I've shed some tears over this privately and have confided in people that I trust and respect. I know I need to grieve this thing, and I'm doing that. I've even thought about taking advantage of some free counseling.

If I missed an obvious question, let me know and I'll edit the post. Thank you for reading.

** If you want the details of why stuff was not working, call me or email me.


bob hyatt said...

Hey man-

Sorry and excited to hear this.

Sorry for the grief and loss aspect, excited that this hasn't diminished your sense of call on your life and the desire to plant a church community that makes a difference to some people being missed by more traditional churches!

Drew Caperton said...

Man, thanks. I appreciate the love and the encouragement. Say a prayer that God would continue to bring things together to fulfill His desire to start a church here.