time moves quick: [re] thinking part four

So, I've been quiet lately. "Lately" meaning a couple of months. I've been quiet on the blog and quiet with those closest to me. I've been processing a whole lot, and I'm almost ready to open up again. Here's a sample of what I've been [re] thinking:

[number four] - time moves quick.

Maybe this is one that most people go through as they move into adulthood, and especially into parenthood, but my life is really moving faster than I thought it could.

For a positive spin on it, it's helped me get things done a lot faster. I feel it deep inside that my time on earth is fleeting, and with almost every act, I feel time slipping away that much quicker.

There's a line in Switchfoot's "Burn Out Bright" off of their latest release Oh! Gravity. It says

If we've only got one try
If we've only got one life
If time was never on our side
Then before I die
I want to burn out bright
Listening to that song brought some clarity to the fact that the thought of having all the time in the world is a complete myth. And I'm not sure if I've ever been convinced of this until now.

So, I'll spare everyone the "do everything you've ever wanted to do right now!" speech, because I don't believe it either. But I will say that hitting my late 20's / early 30's has proved to be a huge kick in the ass, and I'm a better man for it.


caren said...

so true you know. since the beginning of this year...my thoughts have been much the same....kind of like, i really should be doing everything that i want to be doing with my life. i reflect on last year and realise that if anything i was at a complete standstill. i was depressed about being 25 and my life not being where i wanted it to be, and i didnt do anything about it. what a waste.the whole year. i did nothing really.spiritually i was dormant.physically the same.mentally i overcame nothing.and i remained an emotional mess. the only big decision i made was to buy an apartment, which i did. but i still wasted a big part of the year. time is so important, in fact God challenges us to USE our time sparingly, as though we are living in the last days. im not saying that every day is CARPE DIEM...because its not, some days have more to them than others, and we should be satisfied at that. but every small decision we should make counts towards the greater picture. hmm,and even as i write that now, i feel a bit of guilt coming on...for the time wasted recently.Challenge is this though-do you lie there and feel sorry for yourself, and that you cant get anywhere, or do you get up and do something about it. tell you what, i would rather be in the latter category.