leading identity: [re] thinking part three

So, I've been quiet lately. "Lately" meaning a couple of months. I've been quiet on the blog and quiet with those closest to me. I've been processing a whole lot, and I'm almost ready to open up again. Here's a sample of what I've been [re] thinking:

[number three] - leading over teaching.

I ran into this thought as I was having a discussion with someone I would consider a gifted teacher. As he spoke of learning and teaching others and reading and mastering information, I understood clearly that this isn't my passion at all. In fact, I find excessive research boring.

I think this might be why some people who plant churches get out of the church after a couple of years and do something else- they want to lead out, not sit and teach. What teachers do for the gospel is incredible, but appreciating something and having a calling are different things.

SIDE NOTE: Dallas and I had a conversation once where he asked me if I could stick around for the long haul with Vox Church. I said that I could, and I still believe that. There's going to continue to be so much more to create as we move forward together with the gospel. With that said, the longest I've stayed with any ministry is a little over 2 years [and I've done that twice], and that makes me think very carefully about the future I contemplate.

Leading is always going to be my strongest asset. It always has, even when I've tried to make it other things. The scariest part about it all now is owning up to it. If I'm a teacher and have no one to teach to, I can blame that on someone else. If I'm a leader and have no one to lead, I just suck as a leader.

My resolution is to lead well, and now, at the beginning of the journey toward becoming a good leader, I've realized that I have so much to learn and so many issues to work on. I'm really a mess of a leader, and it's a daunting task, but I'm undeterred. If you think of me today, please pray that God would continue to grow me into a good leader.


jnthn said...

You say that you are a better leader than teacher, and you are working on becoming a better leader--would you say that it is better to work on what you are best at to really make it shine or should you balance yourself out with many skills? --as a I write this I think that of course this isn't a simple answer because I'm sure each will be worked on throughout a lifetime, but what about in the end is it better to be the jack of all trades, master of none or the master of a single trade?

Drew Caperton said...

I'm definitely more in the "master of one" category than the "jack of all" category.

I believe being too well-rounded is a myth. Something that concentrates on too many things loses its focus.

If I keep trying to focus on being both a teacher and a leader right now, then both will suffer. Rather, I can teach to lead, I believe that is my path toward obedience.