Wells and Fences

I'm reading The Shaping of Things to Come by Michael Frost and there are some really good thoughts on church in it. I'm only three chapters in, so my thinking on it is very introductory. In that light, here's some good stuff on wells and fences [p. 47]

"In some farming communities, the farmers might build fences around their properties to keep their livestock in and the livestock of neighboring farms out.
In our home of Australia [farms] are so vast that fences are superfluous. Under these conditions, a farmer has to [...] create a well, a precious water supply in the Outback. It is assumed that livestock, though they stray, will never wander too far from the well, lest they die.
Churches that see themselves as a [well] recognize that the gospel is precious, so refreshing that, like a well in the Australian Outback, lovers of Christ will not stray too far from it."
Indeed this has some huge ramifications for church-as-we-know-it, but I think I'm going to finish the book and have some conversations before I get too gung-ho.

I'll keep everyone updated.


ylmurph said...

I'm stealing that quote - thanks for pointing to it!

Michael Foster said...

That's a great quote I forgot about...BTW This was the first book I read on being missional and it was very helpful and strangely pragmatic.