On Dying

We've started small groups at Vox Church. Without going into grand detail [and I want to] about the form of it all, one of our primary concerns is for each small group to be connected with some kind of service organization. It's a way to get into the community and begin to meet people, serving them in Jesus' Name.

So as I was having a meeting with a Christian non-profit organization as a potential partner for our small group, and our choices came down to two. Either we served once every 4-6 weeks in service to the organization [cleaning offices, painting, organizing events] or we served every 7-14 days in service to the children of the community [tutoring, playing, helping with homework].

Suddenly, it was clear. I was hit with the stark reality of death: This is going to radically change my weekly schedule and the schedule of everyone in the small group. This is going to greatly affect our lives and the lives of those around us significantly. It was a very uncomfortable thought.

Instead of pushing forward, I held off. I told the organization that I'd talk with the small group about it and see what they wanted to do. I'm still feeling queezy about the whole thing.

First things first, I need to listen to Jesus concerning my expectations of serving. We are called to die. To let ourselves be thrown in the ground and die, all for the sake of the Kingdom. That was never more real than yesterday at that meeting, and I'm still reeling a little.

Secondly, I'm a little twisted up about the organization we'd be serving. They're not horrible people or anything like that, I'm just wondering if our missions coincide - they want to indoctrinate these children for Jesus [among other very helpful things they do for the community] and we're more about building the relationship first. Like I said, I'm still not sure. If they don't really mesh, we might need to look elsewhere. Decisions...


Sandy Mc said...

Hey Drew!

Have not been around blogging much lately, but am trying to remedy that:) Anyway...on the serving, may I ask a question?

As much as I love the idea of growing together through serving, can it really work if the small group is diverse? I mean, I have seen some awesome small groups who grow through the group BECAUSE they already share an interest in something and serve in that area. But (and I am assuming), that your groups are fairly diverse as to gifts, talents and such since you are such a young church. So, I guess my question is, can a single place of service (selected as a best choice by the group even)really work as a God planned avenue for each person to pursue the divine appointments God has planned for them individually?

Hope your planning for this is proceeding well. I sure only wish to encourage...really I am struggling with the thought in my question as an overall idea.