The substance of my viewing pleasure over the last three days has been the Olympics and Transformers. A friend let me borrow his collection of every cartoon episode along with Transformers: The Movie to finish it out.

After watching the first season and a half, I got tired of it all and wanted to skip to the end. I'd already seen the movie, but could barely remember it from over 19 years ago! The main thing I could remember is that they had a curse word in it, so it was rated PG [which was so enticing to all the 6-12 years olds who watched the cartoon series].

After watching it, I thought they did a bad job in how the Transformers died. Even killing Optimus Prime, it just didn't sit well. They spent four seasons building up this team of characters, and most of them were dead within the first 20 minutes of the movie! And they died from stupid things like getting shot in the chest... once! In the cartoon, they got shot in the chest every episode and almost no one died. Even if they did die, they were brought back to life the next episode or season.

So, while it was good and I loved reminiscing 1986, I thought they could have put a little more oomph into how the Autobots died. I would still recommend watching it [you can just come over and watch it with me] just to re-live the phenomena.

The cool thing I've just found out was that they're producing a 2007 version of the Transformers. It might be a remake of Transformers: The Movie, but it's probably a movie that would sum up the cartoon series. I'm officially [re-]hooked. Here is a picture from the new movie [I think]


aquamann said...

you might want to check this out:

Test Footage for Live-Action Transformers Movie


Drew Caperton said...

Wow. I checked out the link aquamann put down and it looked really good.

Sandy Mc said...

We still have a bin of Casey's old transformers, including Optimus Prime;) Does that give me brownie points for being a cool organized mom?