Three-Point Stance. After having that vision/dream about teaching a church-planter conference [beginning with Newbigin's Triangle] I decided to start hunting around for images of the triangle on the internet. I found one[!], and it was some bootleg rendition of it that someone made only to slam it and offer his own model. So, I'm making a triangle soon along with a full post about it.

Fetal. Voxers Dallas and Carrie Begnaud are on the verge of having #2. We don't know a lot right now, except that everything is fine considering the baby is 5 weeks premature. More on Dallas's blog.

Prostrate. Seeking and saving what was lost is part of call as believers. As a church, Vox is about to embark upon our first efforts toward that end. There is a girl who almost ran away to Canada. She spent the night minutes away from the border in North Dakota, but didn't go. God broke her. He arranged it so that I would call her soon after that and offer her a new life back home, she accepted, at least enough to come back home. I'll keep you up on the developments, but in the meantime, this girl and our church need prayer. She's driven from Lafayette, LA to the top of North Dakota and now she's coming back. She's currently on her way to Northwest Arkansas to spend the night, so we expect her here Tuesday evening...