I used to not like Chuck Colson

It's so easy for me to brush off the religious right with a scoffing, "they've just lost touch with reality!" Chuck Colson would be one of the first people in my brush-off line. But not today, maybe not anymore. Reading this article was comforting. It let me know that at least some of those in the religious right rank anf file are thoughtful, well-read, and well-intentioned people. They really do believe this is the best way to change culture, and to be honest, he speaks his position very well and very even-handedly.

From Chuck Colson 2.0:

"It's interesting that throughout history some of the greatest social reforms have come about in periods when Christianity had its greatest influence in culture ... the abolition campaign, civil rights movement ... I'm well aware of the other side of that argument, that some terrible things, like colonization, have taken place when Christianity had its greatest influence. On balance, however, as you look at how societies have been influenced by various worldviews, Christianity, from my perspective, scores high. But in the final analysis, I am driven by my view of Scripture and Scripture's application to life, largely influenced by Calvin and even more so by Kuyper."

Living in a post-modern worldview [worldlife], the trap is sometimes to lump everyone together. There are those that are cool, and those that are not. One of the biggest discoveries for me in the last five to ten years has been that uncool people often are surprisingly... cool.

source: Mark Driscoll's Blog The Resurgence

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