Ice Dancing with Jesus?

Last night, as Kristy and I watched Olympic Ice Dancing, I really fell in love with the American team of Belbin and Agosto. They were amazing and deserved the praise they got. Then I'm reading my friend's blog,

"Ice dancing takes two people. The lady alone looks lost, incomplete, and just plain silly without her partner. So does the Church. She would just be dancing out there, swinging her arms and legs around, holding on to nothing. She would probably fall."

Great analogy, Jenn.

source: flawless routine from barefacedjenn


Sandy Mc said...

My first thought...

Speaking about sharing the gospel, Brian McLaren says in the intro to More Ready Than You Realize, "Somewhere in your journey through life, you begin to hear thes song whose music captures your heart with it's rhythm, melody, ambience, and glory, and you begin to move to it's rhythm. Thus you enter the dance.

Over time, your whole life begins to harmonize to the song.Its rhythm awakens you;it's tempo moves you, so you resonate with it's tone and flow with it's melody. The lyric gradually convinces you that the entire world was meant to share in this song with it's message, it's joy, it's dance. If more people heard the music, their hatred would give way to reconcilliation; their greed would melt into generosity; their grumbling would transform into gratitude; their mourning would be turned to dancing."

Second thought...JUMP! (gleaned from Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis) The skaters jump with abandon...but only after falling many times as the learn and practice. And in the pairs, yes they must do it together and each must have confidence that they are *safe* in the arms of their partner.