dc Talk

For all their morphs during the decades, one thing you've got to hand dc Talk is that they ran ahead of the pack for a very long time. They were catalysts, pioneers. They were envelope-pushers and they made no apologies for it.

Yes, they were wildly popular and milked that for all its worth. And sure, they're kind of cool to hate on [or were about two or three years ago], but you can neither deny their influence nor their brilliance.

So here's to you, Christian-music-superstar-band-who-isn't-cool-anymore. You were great while it lasted.

I checked out their website [dctalk.com] and there's really nothing on it, just links to all of the band members original websites.


Kent said...

I must concur. They were the shiz. Kudos to Toby Mac for insightful lyrics and pushin the rock feel. Likewise to Mike Tait for a killer voice. Kevin Max.. eh...