Trying out AdSense

Don't know about the AdSense experiment. I was fine with it until I got on and saw "Meet Christian Singles" which was mildly unsettling. But when I saw "God Wants You to be Rich," I decided to sleep on it tonight and, if it still bothered me tomorrow, I'd take it off.

The truth is I'm just trying to make a little money on the side, but I don't want to sell out to do it. "God Wants You to be Rich" seems a lot like selling out.

I'd love some thoughts, cheers, jeers, and snide remarks on the subject of Google AdSense. Thanks.


Sandy Mc said...

I don't like them on mine, hee hee...but they don't bother me on someone else's blog.

you do what ever you feel God leads you to do...freedom like you wrote in the other post;)