Saturday was Jed's second birthday. He's getting so big. His personality is developing into that of a tender-hearted, energetic boy who loves to play rough. Even with his little sister.

As Kristy as I were talking one day, she let me know that I've been getting onto him a lot. I tried to reason it out, and get into all that father-son tension stuff, but I think the truth of it is I worry too much about his future. When I see him whining, I think, "I don't want Jed to be a 'whiner'," and I try to stop it as fast as I can. The same is true when I see him display selfishness or impatience. Everything he does that's bad is viewed by me as what he'll become, which adds a little more pressure to a situation than is needed.

So I'm going to try and back off just a little. When it comes to my kids, I sometimes have a tough time being light-hearted about things, but I'm realizing I need to be a little more.

God, all that's in my head is in Your hands...

See more pictures from Jed's birthday on Kristy's Blog.


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