Lafayette's Top Employers

4500 - Lafayette Parish School Board [Educational]
2900 - The Ace Group [Transportation]
2200 - Halliburton Energy Services [Oil and Gas]
1945 - Acadian Ambulance and Air Med Service Inc. [Medical/Transportation]
1900 - Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center [Medical]
1875 - University of Louisiana at Lafayette [Educational]
1700 - Lafayette General Medical Center [Medical]
1686 - Wal-Mart Stores Inc. [Retail Trade]
1650 - Stuller Inc. [Manufacturing]
1644 - Lafayette Consolidated Government [Public Administration]

top 75 [or so] listed here

My Top 7 on the Top 10:

1- Take out public services [schools, gov't] and the medical field is top dog.
2- I wonder where the Louisiana Ice Gators would have been on this list.
3- It's amazing to think that 10+ years ago Stuller Inc. was virutally non-existent.
4- For people complaining about a teacher shortage, who in the world makes up the 4500?
5- I predict Raising Cane's will make this list after they open 15 more stores locally. [ha!]
6- CC's isn't too far behind, they already have 4, who do they think they are, Starbucks?
7- Lafayette General Medical Center has the best web site design by far.

top 10 source: Lafayette Economic Development Authority [LEDA]


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