blogging it out

I've just put in one of the best worship CDs ever created: Glo by Delirious? So much energy, so directed and raw. I think I have some emotional ties to it, too.

I've got so much in my head right now, I just need to get it out.

Blogging is turning into work for me. From tagging to tinkering with the site's structure, I've gotten away from just getting it out there. I'm going to leave Google Adsense on here, because I'm just down to not taking my blog so seriously. I'm starting to feel the pressure to get my blog popular or "worth reading" [whatever that means] and I'm throwing off that pressure for now.

I'm feeling the time crunch with Vox Church now more than ever. I don't know if I do anything more now than before, but I'm feeling the pull of something beginning to take on a life of its own. So, it's a good pull, but a pull nonetheless.

We're looking at moving into a building in downtown Lafayette, Pat's Downtown, and I'm very nervous/excited about all that. We were looking at the Boulevard Grille, but things didn't work out with the owner. Just between you and me, I think he wanted more money, but didn't want to say that to a church. When we broke the news to our community, John Williams said, "oh good, I thought that place was cold anyway." So, who knows, Pat's could be the answer.

I want to get my family in a healthy rhythm. Right now, my relationship with Kristy is the one that's taking the biggest lumps right now. And honestly, I don't know of any other way it could go right now. When I talk to people about supporting Vox Church, I often say that we need the money just to lead my family well.

Working at Acadiana Bigs is getting a lot harder to not care about. It's not that the work is getting more interesting or heartfelt, it's just that I do it 40 hours a week. When you're involved in something for that much time every week, it starts to creep into everything else. But I know I'm leaving there soon, so I have been trying to keep my distance. That has always been hard for me in almost any situation.

Thanks for listening...


EY said...

i hear ya drew..loud and clear. life has been bumpy lately for me too..finding balance is hard... hang in there.