Anytime someone asks me how work is going, my usual response is "oh, you know, worky." I haven't said it in a while, and now that I'm writing it, it seems very juvenile, but hey...

Now that I've been at work for almost four months, I'm just now starting to get the hang of things. I feel a little dumb because it's taken me this long, but in this office, people aren't exactly forthcoming on what does and does not need to be done. After many meetings yesterday and additional conversations for clarity, I understand my job much better. So, work is worky nonetheless, but I'm getting happier about it [now that I know what work entails].

Since I love coffee so much and money is tight beyond belief [and I'm not saying this like my family only has $200 discretionary cash every month; I'm talking bare-bones budget, three pennies left over... when college student complain about being poor and they work full-time, I really want to hit them... or maybe just mame them], I'm beginning to brew coffee in the office and that's bringing out all the other coffee lovers. Occasionally we all gather in the break room while coffee is brewing and hang out. I'm sure everyone else thinks we're talking about them [in this office, it's me and 10 women, no I'm not kidding] because we laugh so much.

As I continue to build these friendships at work, I'm amazed how often God swings the door wide open for the gospel to be preached. Everything from "You know, that's what I hate about religion..." to "OK, Drew, I've been thinking and my current view on the meaning of life is this..." I swear I didn't prompt either of those conversations to begin. I'm not going around the office asking people "Do you know where you'd go if you died tonight in your sleep?!" I'm not selling hell insurance or anything. It's just happening, glory be to God, and I will pray for Him to continue on in this strange work He has me in.

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Kent said...

"when college student complain about being poor and they work full-time, I really want to hit them... or maybe just mame them"

I don't complain about not having much money, and I work mostly full-time and am a college student. So, if I complained, would you hit me?

Drew Caperton said...

I might want you to hit you, but not for complaining about money. You're married with a dog- very different from the lifestyle of the stereotypical college student.

No, the only reason I would hit you is if you dared me to [and even then you'd have to dare me specifically in the comment section of my blog]. Also, I'd prefer to wrestle you, not hit you. Does that answer your question?

Kent said...

I kill you dead :)