Parkinson's Law

Read an interesteding blog post on Parkinson's Law yesterday and it got me thinking about what kind of "office" Vox Church will have. As Christ has called us, we have a different work ethic than the one approved in America - long hours every day with only one to three weeks of vacation a year. As Dallas and I talk through some ways we could live this out, we're coming up with some good ideas. They're all just dreams for now as we both work two jobs [one that supports our families, one that very much doesn't], but we're working toward that reality.

But to deviate from the American way of working brings some baggage with it. Getting five to seven weeks of vacation a year [check out Take Back Your Time for how this could ever seem normal] is hard when everyone else gets an average of one or two weeks. In our culture, anything less than the standard seems like laziness or indulgence, but it's simply not true.

Monday, October 24th is National Take Back Your Time Day. Check out the Take Back Your Time link to see what it entails. Hopefully, we can build a better future in our country with fewer work hours, more vacations, and resting in the knowledge that less really is more...