I have extreme amounts of headache today for reasons I know not. So, today is snipets time.

I'm going to be on TV tomorrow and will try very hard to get a copy of it to post here. I doubt I'll get anything since it's the EARLY morning show [6:30] and not the evening news. Jerry, if you're reading this, TeVo me! [6:15-7:15 Channel 3 KATC]

I got asked why I'm OK with alochol today and it took me by surprise. When someone wants to know my opinion on something and they begin with a story about other people, I always get blindsided. Not to suggest mal-intent, I just never see it coming. Pretty uneventful, I stood my [Scripture's] ground, he understood.

I was loaned Napoleon Dynamite by a co-worker, so I guess I'll have to break down and watch it soon. I feel like I've already seen it from all the quotes...

My family and I almost died about a week ago. Our furnace was not put together correctly by the two other licenced people who looked at it. The end result was Carbon MONoxide being pumped into our house instead of out of our house, bad news. We called the fire department and everything. The truth is that if we had not had an alarm [that the previous owners, not us, put in], we would have all either gotten incredibly sick or died. It was one of the most sobering moments of my adult life.

I guess that last one takes the cake... so no more.