that Lafayette, so hot right now

Every day as I get off work, I get into my car and do what I call the dance of the burning flesh. It's where I try and touch my steering wheel to make it turn without sacrificing the use of my hands for a week because of third-degree burns. It's just so hot here that even when I use the sun shield, and even though my car his [poorly] tinted windows, it's still feels like a Brazilian sauna when I get in there. Last week, I actually coughed when I got into my car because the heat and humidity was so thick.

And Sunday, as I helped my friend Jerry move stuff from one place to the next and to the next, the heat started to get to me. It was about to rain, so the humidity was absolutely off the charts. I would wipe the dripping sweat off my brow every two or three minutes. In the middle of moving his stuff, I actually got light-headed and needed to sit down [I probably should have been treated for weakness] and drink a glass of cranberry juice. I ended up pulling through though, no one had to break open the glass-encased emergency ice cubes.

But all this complaining seems to pale in comparison to what's happening in New Orleans right now with the hurricane. People have lost their homes, keepsakes, important possessions, and even loved ones to this thing. It just makes me wonder, what can I do to help?


Liz Garrett said...

Im so glad to hear that you guys are ok during this horrible hurricane disaster. We were all so worried about yall. We hope you guys are doing well as well as the new baby. Come visit sometime!!