Unforgettable Sunday part deux

Kristy recently wrote about our nightmare that happened this past Sunday night. For those who might have missed the story, catch up here. The part she [so graciously] left out is a lot less scary than the rest of the events of that night. Actually, they provided a little comedic relief in the midst of absolute terror.

Things were so crazy until we got to the hospital, I really didn't have a chance to soak it all in. So, as Kristy is laying down in front of me and we're both scared out of our minds, I begin to get hot. I seriously felt like a menopausal woman and I couldn't make it stop. I tried putting my head in my hands and closing my eyes to ignore it, but I kept getting hotter and dizzier by the second. When the nurse asked if I was OK, I couldn't get out of the chair I was sitting in. That's when the embarrassment ensued.

She put in a wheelchair and laid me on a stretcher, raising my feet higher than my head, and put compresses on my pulse points. All this while my wife is lying on a stretcher herself, bleeding uncontrollably! About 10-12 minutes later, I come to my senses and realize that I need to get back to Kristy right then. There's no time for me, it's time to take care of Kristy. So, against the nurse's wishes, I get up and walk over to the nurse and tell him that I'm not going to stay there. He's not happy with me, but he relents and says that I must sign a waiver because I "refused treatment." Standard procedure he says.

As I sign the waiver, the nurse finishes filling it out. He says to himself, "OK, refusing treatment... name is Drew Caperton... reason for treatment.... hmmm... I'll just put 'weakness.'" It took me a second, but I soon realized that there's now a form on file somewhere that says that I had to be treated for weakness. Humiliating. Funny, but humiliating.


Jessica said...

Drew, I started to comment and then realized it had gotten so long that it was basically a post. So, I will post on my blog later today what was originally a comment on yours. :)

Kent said...

Yes, funny and embarrassing. The necessities for a good story :)

Sarah said...

You're right, that is some good comic relief. The thought of your enormously long legs in the air and you on a stretcher sweating like a menopausal woman is one of the funniest things I've ever heard.