housing and pastoring...

We are officially under contract to buy a home, and it is SUCH a relief! Those who are home-buying veterans will know that "under contract to buy" means we've got a little more to go until this house is ours. For those who don't know, we still need three more inspections done on the house. When those inspections come in, then we'll begin the process of negotiations. In our case, there is major roof and ceiling damage on the back addition to the house and also some foundation repair that needs to happen. We have to go to the seller and say, "This is what's wrong, this is how much it will be to fix it, and here's what we want you to pay." So, like I said, we're still a ways off from actually owning the house, but we're still both really excited.

This coming Wednesday (8/17) makes 12 weeks for Vox Church to be in existence. And pastoring has been an interesting experience so far. Really, the most satisfying part has been pastoring with someone else. Since Dallas and I are both the elders of the Vox, we've had to work a lot of things out: who does what, when can we meet and how often, etc. And on top of everything, we need to overcommunicate just to be sure we're relaying what we think we're saying. I can definitely see how people think pastoring by yourself is easier, because it is, but I would bet that it's nowhere near as satisfying. There's just something about sharing in the joy; being able to look across the room and know that someone else knows what you're going through.

Now that we're a couple of weeks into it, and Dallas is here to see how everything is going, we're coming to this point of retooling and tinkering with our gathering time. We're beginning to ask ourselves, "OK, is this what we want it to look like, or is it this?" We're also dealing a lot with money right now (make sure you don't switch "a lot" and "with" in that sentence). Laying a lot of groundwork for what is to come. People are starting to give and that's very cool, but it also is pushing us to take care of our end of the bargain (bank accounts, tax junk, etc).

One more thing about pastoring. This is something no one really told me would happen, but it makes sense now that I'm in it. Pastoring is like having a mirror held up to you and seeing the strengths and weaknesses magnified. Some days it's great, but overall it's very hard work, and I'm enjoying the sweat.