Find a house, lose a house

212 Gordon Crocket Drive.

That is the house Kristy and I were so excited about. It was a great house, big suqare footage, low price, great neighborhood. It even had a fireplace. But it wasn't meant to be. God must want us to live somewhere else, or maybe He's just holding it for us like He did with the Acadiana Bigs job. Maybe there's a trilogy in store. I'm barely hopeful.

Everything was all set for us to buy, but the realtor (not ours, but the one for the house) screwed up and didn't tell us the bidding had already stopped. And this was very odd because the Saturday that the bidding stopped, I had a gut feeling of anxiety about the house all day. That same day, I took my mom to look at it, but I really just wanted to make sure it was still there; that I wasn't dreaming.

For those of you praying for us to find a house, please keep on truckin' because we've got a ways to go...