The Blog Idea on Location in...


Dallas and I are heading to Seattle for Boot Camp with the Acts 29 Network. It's a cross between Bible Jeopardy, Wheel of Heresy, Name That Theological Influence, and Pin the Discussion on the Church-Planters. We're staying with Tyler Kenyon while we're up there, so it should be a good time to relax when we're not boot-camping it. We'll probably do something very Seattle like go get coffee and sit and talk and drink our coffee. Man, I need a hobby.


We'll then embark upon Dallas' church in Houston, Ecclesia (pronounced eck-luh-SEE-uh) where we'll meet with the elders there. It's not as daunting as Boot Camp because we're like them more in structure and theology, but the pressure to impress is still pressing.


"The Heart of Acadiana" is our final stop where we'll meet with the elders of Trinity Bible Church and hopefully gain their support in our coming endeavor in Lafayette. It would be absolutely amazing to have the support of a local church. This is a little higher on the daunting meter than the Houston trip because we're just not sure what they're going to say.

I'll blog when and where I can. No promises.

A lot is riding on this trip, I guess I should pray...


Kristy said...

You mean, you're going to fly all the way across the country to sit and drink coffee??!?!?? Not my husband!

I know that with all of this, there's a lot of pressure to seem like you have it all together...and to actually get it all together! I am committed to praying for you and Dallas as you faithfully pursue the things God's telling you to chase after.

Kent said...

rock on