there is no "I" in CYNIC...

As my friend, Dave, was recounting to me the events of a conference he went to recently. He made a passing comment on a featured speaker talking about how much something cost to set up at the conference. Dave probably shared a million things about that conference, but this one thing just stuck in my head.

"Why did he even mention that something cost a lot to set up at the conference? Why did he even talk about it?" Then, I countered myself and thought, "You know, the speaker probably didn't spend that much time talking about it, he probably only mentioned it. Maybe I'm making too much of this."

This might seem like a small process to most (all), but for me it was a little reminder that I was changing. A few months ago, as I was reading a book called Stories of Emergence, I was inspired to become a critical realist. Without getting into it that much, I mean it as I'm critical of my perception of reality, knowing that I have a bias that I cannot humanly get around.

So, there you go, I'm a cynic, but only in that I'm cynical of my perception of reality. Good times.


EY said...

entertain me for a bit...there seems to be this preconceived negative stigma towards the word "cynic" but if we weren't all "cynical" of the way we perceive reality...innovation would not exist. or perhaps the word should be "speculative" for issues of "inquiry." its human bias that develops the world we live in both metaphyically and in built form. so you shouldn't keep your notions of reality to yourself...sharing is a good thing. yikes...i could have written that differently..can you tell i'm in lecture prep mode. perhaps this comment didn't make sense to your blog..but it was a thought that occured to me while reading it. so yeah...random.