Said the cat to the bag, "I'm out!"

Let me exhale...OK, here I go:

Kristy, Jed, and I are moving to Lafayette, LA to start a church with my friends Dallas, Carrie, and Elias Begnaud. We're moving in April, Dallas is moving sometime in June.

This is what I hope will become one of the greatest chapters of my life- personally with God, communally with friends, and in ministry. I am extremely excited about this, but I've had four months (!) to cool off before I could tell the general public about it.

I would love to tell everyone who wants to know all about this church that will be starting in Lafayette, LA, so I'm up for coffee any time if you're in NWA. If you're in Lafayette, you'll just have to wait until April, lo siento.

I covet all of your prayers as everyone involved in this will be under spiritual attack. Ask for guidance, provision, and grace for the journey, and remember the young ones as they deal with a huge transition in environment. More information will be coming about a email list that you can subscribe to get updates on what's going on with the church plant. I'll post it as soon as we get something.

I know this post could have been more poetic, I'm just excited I finally get to talk about it in the open.


Jason said...

Drew, I know this will be a great time for you and your family as you head to LA. I bet we will make it down there sometime. Do they have any shrimp in Lousianna? I just love shrimp. I heard they have some pretty nice golf courses as well. Praying for you bro.

Virginia said...

yes, Drew (and Kristy), Andrew and I wish you the best. We've loved getting to know you guys...and Jed. We're sad that we won't be able to get to take care of #2 in the Greenhouse, but we're so excited for this next phase in your lives. You guys are a huge part of the Grove, and will definitely be missed.

shauna said...

all the best with your plans . . sounds exciting . . . but we are sad to see you go.