tha hood

I'm reading a book called Making Room for Life and it's beginning to shape the way I think about life. I swear, if someone would have given this book to me before I actually started working, I would have done a lot of things different.

It's basically a way of living that integrates your relationships from different "worlds" into one (less hectic) world. Anyway, this creates a huge problem for me as I live in Bentonville and work in Fayetteville, 30 minutes apart. And from the way people from Fayetteville act, Bentonville might as well be in Alaska. Thus, making it hard for me to make a life in Fayetteville and reside in Bentonville.

Hence the question: live in Bentonville or Fayetteville? Making Room for Life suggests I live in Fayetteville because it's close to where I work AND go to church. Bentonville seems to be where my community is happening. With the prospect of buying a house coming up, the question seems all the more at the forefront.

Ah, living.


Elise said...

Life is complicated, isn't it. My friend, Megan, whom I've been friends with longer than anyone else in NWA lives in Lowell. I live in Fayetteville. We're both heavily involved in different churches. Where is the time to maintain our friendship?--We have coffee once every few months. Our circles of friends intersect less and less frequently. Our daughters are best friends, yet we (I) have trouble scheduling time for them to play together. It's hard.

EY said...

I need to read this life lately seems to be devoted and plastered to various parts of the globe. Life is a messy thing. I vote to move to Fayville...but you weigh out your options...if community is where you're at up there...then that is where your heart will always be may not. Stick to where your heart places you...don't move because of proximity.