My home, Louisiana

Making the ten-hour trek from B-ville, AR to Lafayette, LA was a good drive. It's always something that helps prepare me to go back home. On the way down, Kristy and I listened to "Home" by Switchfoot off their first CD, The Legend of Chin. It is just so melodic and beautiful (almost pretty) and it soothes me like few songs can. I recommend listening to it.

A line in there says "all that's in my head is in your hands" and that sums up my life lately. It seems like God has cranked the centrigufe up to 11 and all the things I used to hold loosely that would stay near me are flying away at a record pace. Life is changing and, in anticipation of a new horizon, my family and I must change with it- ready for what God has in mind.

And as Kristy and I were sitting and talking with a friend about her life's difficulties and decisions (or lack thereof), I felt God prompt me to say, "Hey, I know exactly what you mean..." and proceeded to tell her about all that we've been going through both personally and as a family. The funny question becomes: can I live with the fact that the only reason my family is going through strange times was for us to have that bit (or bite, who knows the eternal ramifications of such words) of encouragement for a friend? Funny.

Well, God, all that's in my head is in your hands.


Dallas said...

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Carrie said...

hey, I just found out you had a blog. Wish we could have seen you when ya'll were in Lafayette. We really want to plan a weekend with you guys.

Dallas said...
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