Songs for a Funeral

Every once in a while, I consider what my funeral would be like [don't worry]: what Scripture would be read, what songs could be played, who would give the eulogy?

I don't know about Scripture or speakers, but here are a few songs I'd like to be played at my funeral. Am I crazy or do other people think about this?

Read on for songs and related videos.

"Come To Jesus" by Chris Rice

"I Will Wait For You There" by Phil Wickham

"Daylight" by Brave Saint Saturn
If you get tired of this one, just fast-forward to around the 4:00 [or -1:50] mark. Simply moving.


Stu said...

Yeah, I think about stuff like that too sometimes. You're not weird. Good song selections by the way.

jess said...

i think about it too, iv'e already told justin some of the things i'd like to see happen

Drew Caperton said...

Thanks Stu and Jess. Isn't it strange how much we care about our own funerals? Thanks for letting me know I'm not weird.

Margo said...

I still think you're weird...


Today someone from work sent me an awesome link I'll share here b/c it's actually about a funeral. It discusses the topic of the "-" and I think is has a wonderful outlook. The timing was so perfect for me in the wake of Averie's death to revisit the truth: life isn't about the date you were born or the date you died, it's about what you do in the "-" in the middle...
Check this out to see what I mean