Seminary-ing at Southwestern

I've spoken with many of you personally about this already, but I wanted to put it there for everyone to know: the Capertons are going to seminary and we've chosen Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.

It was either going to be Southwestern or Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, and after visiting both, our choice was clear. Here are some highlights from those trips.


1. Aunt Patti and Uncle Lee. I have an uncle I'd never met until this trip and Lee Cooper is his name. It turns out he's a great guy and he loves my dear Aunt Patti very much. I'm excited he's part of the family. I stayed with them while I was there and Aunt Patti's charm and hospitality was so needed.
2. The Admissions Staff. I know it's their job, but these people are just downright hospitable to the core. By the time I left, I felt as though three or four of them were really good friends of mine. Somebody deserves a raise.
3. Lunch with Sean Walker and Tori. Besides Sean's amazing beard, it was good to catch up with Sean and sit in on a class with him. Too bad the class was a tiny bit boring.
4. Meeting Catherine Garner. Joe and Rebekah Garner had me over for dinner one night and I got to meet their daughter Catherine. She is a sweetheart and made an already-excellent dinner a lot of fun.
5. Getting a job interview on the spot. I didn't plan to interview for jobs while there, but it just unfolded for me. It is a position with the seminary doing graphic design, which is something I do on the side.


1. The Legacy Center. Compared to many hotels I've stayed at, this was a very swanky and very roomy place. Everyone at the front desk was very cool.
2. Sojourn Community Church. After one service [and multiple trips to their website] I am thoroughly impressed with the gospel-centered / community-minded approach to church planting that Daniel Montgomery and the guys at Sojourn have taken. If I was going to Southern, I'd definitely be going here.
3. Saints win three straight! With a win over the hated [at least by me] 49ers, the New Orleans Saints are one game out of first place in their division after an 0-4 start. Good times.
4. Josh and Tracy Mauldin. I stayed my last night with Josh and Tracy and we had a really good time with dinner [asian], dessert [pies], and many late-night laughs. The bed was also very nice, which was an unexpected surprise [foldouts aren't known for their comfort].

In the end, the LORD led me to be wise with what He's given me, and Southwestern was the wise choice for very many reasons. Thank you to all who have prayed.


Stu said...

Drew, that's awesome man! I truly didn't know that you were pursuing seminary, but it makes perfect sense. I hope you guys transition into that new phase with ease.

jnthn said...

That's where my dad went. I have some very fond memories of riding my bike all over that campus.

Sean Walker said...

"a tiny bit boring"? ha! try "way" boring! :)

Drew Caperton said...

You're right Sean, it was way boring, but I'm taking a class with that same prof this year and the first day was really engaging. Strange.