BKing the fun

Today it was just the boys for breakfast and Jed and I headed out to BK for some morning man time. Lately, Jed and I haven't gotten much time just by ourselves and we were both due.

Since Jed has an insatiable urge to do things by himself lately [he's such a firstborn], I asked him to carry our food all the way to our table, which he did without a hitch.

We began taking pictures of each other randomly and I have to admit Jed is quite the photographer for only being 3 years old. After his first shot of my face didn't pan out, Jed got it dead on with his second attempt.

The only problem was that I happened to have a drink straw nearing my nose when he got the shot right.

After downing a couple of croissanwiches [by the way, I don't know why Burger King did not win the Nobel for coming up with the name croissanwich; regardless of where you fall on the like/dislike continuum, croissanwiches are here to stay and BK gets all the cred for entering them into our vocabulary... and mouths], Jed and I decided to go outside and play on the playground.
There was only one problem: when we walked outside the only thing we could see was the plot of cement where a playground once lived.

At this point, Jed became sad [yes, this was staged].

But we eventually found some good times at a nearby car lot. We took jumping pictures.