Evangelism That Works

My clothes still smell like his tears. It was an amazing evening, and my friend will never be the same. At 6:55pm CST, Bill became a believer, and I had the chance to be a part of that. What God started long before I knew Bill, God was calling him; stirring his heart.

And I don't say any of this to brag. I'm completely humbled by the entire experience. But I did want to put this revelation into writing for everyone to see.

About two years ago, I quit trying to evangelize people by manipulating conversation and using all these strategies I'd learned through the years. God began working in my heart, letting me know that I was sent here to love people and respond to what God was doing in their lives already. I learned to be patient- that it wasn't up to me- all I had to do was make myself available to those who did not believe and listen. As I got to know people, God grew a love for them inside of me. I would think of them in the middle of the day and pray for them. In conversation, I would listen intently to their hurts and needs, and I would care about them. God took me and changed me... as He was changing people around me.

This is the second person I've seen born into the Kingdom in two years. Amazing.


~Deb said...

It is amazing when a non-believer starts to enable faith in their lives. I wrote about a similar topic on my blog.

Great post!