Emerging Movement: Future or Fad?

This is a thought-provoking article on the global emerging church movement. "The EM [emerging movement] is a missionally shaped ecclesiology that seeks to unite Christians for the sake of unleashing the gospel to change the world, rather than a theological movement designed to demand conformity on specific theological issues."

I think it describes well in theology, if not in practice, what we're doing over at Vox Church.

Download "Emerging Movement: Future or Fad?"

I found this article first on the blog of Andrew Jones, and saved it to read it later. Luckily, when the old site lost it, I still had it. Enjoy the read.


Sandy Mc said...

Drew that is an awesome article, thanks for sharing. To be honest I have put on blinders lately to any more positive EM input. I will consider it a move of the HS that you posted this and I read it.

I am so hurting from the rejection I have gotten from among people I would have thought would also want to be a part of the EM discussion...feel like I can't take it anymore. Tonight we made our last visit to FBC Saturday night...just gonna give up on "church" altogether and become an unchurched family now. I feel so lost and sad, but we still feel the HS is leading us.

I loved what you quoted in your post about "EM." Besides their choice to not "demand conformity" I also pray that the movement does not become just another cluster of believers who, though they may remain "effective" in their efforts to live missionally, stop seeing those on outside their circle. Or in other words, I pray they (WE!)continually strive to break out of social constraints and widen their sphere of influence.

Well, thanks again for sharing. Please pray for us... as we strive to walk with Jesus even without the support of being a part of a local body...I DO believe it can be done, I just feel lonely.