We're Getting a Van... for free

Yes, you read that right, free!

Someone called some friends of ours [thanks Carrie] and asked if they knew anyone that needed a free van: a free 2000 Honda Odyssey! Carrie mentioned how we've been looking for a van, and the guy said he'd like to give it to us.

I called. He verified everything, got some contact info. By the end of this week, we should have a 2000 Honda Odyssey. I still can't really believe it.

It's exactly what we looking for. If someone would have come up to us and asked, "If you got a van, what kind would you get?" my answer would have been a Honda Odyssey. This is so unbelievable.

This is truly an answer to prayer. I am humbled. We are humbled.

Especially since... [drumroll] we're pregnant! Most have found out through either a conversation or through the Vox Church newsletter. So, if you're reading this and are surprised, we either haven't spoken in a while, or you don't read [or get] my newsletter [if you want it, email me]. We don't know the gender yet, but we'll find out in about 10 weeks. The baby is due November 30th, and as usual we're not telling anyone the name.

So, getting a van right now is perfect timing, if not early! Amazing.

God, You are good. Your are gracious and good.


bob hyatt said...

Wow man! Awesome news all the way around! :)

And put me on that email list, eh?

choopy said...

w00t! that's incredible!

Kristy said...

Correction: Due Dec. 4th per Dr. Hindelang....

Brandon said...