Bonds on Signs

Just in case you can't make out what it says:

[Babe] Ruth did it on hotdogs & beer. [Hank] Aaron did it with class. How did YOU do it?
That Bonds is in the picture [lower right] make this completely classic. It looks like 30-40 people are holding it... on the front row! Usually you see signs of this tone up in the bleachers. No, no, there is some large-group hate for Barry Bonds right now, very large.

[ht: DeadSpin]


Kent said...

wish i could feel sorry for him

Brandon said...

I will slap all 30 of them too!

Drew Caperton said...

You're going to have to slap more than 30 man, more than half the country hates this guy. He's actually less popular than Bush right now.

Brandon said...

I'll slap bush!