too tired to blog

I'm very exhausted from the events of the past two weeks. I'm really too tired to blog right now, but I thought I owed my fans a post to let them know what's going on.

On March 16th, Tara came to stay with us. She is a great girl who's had a tough upbringing and a very tough last couple of months as she started smoking crack. While the first week was rough, she eventually became a part of our family. She helped Kristy with the kids, washed dishes after dinner almost every night and really opened herself up to us. I thought at first that she needed some short, three-month therapy and a strong support group and she'd be fine. After seeing a drug counselor who suggested otherwise, we started looking at long-term facilities.

On April 7th, Tara and I drove [to New Orleans], flew [to St. Louis], and drove again [to the middle of nowhere] to a ministry center where she'll be for 18 months. It was a great ride as we frequently blasted the radio as loud as we could stand, had some great conversation, and enjoyed each other's company all the way to the treatment center. When I "handed off" Tara to the lady at the facility, we all prayed and I knew this was going to be a good thing.

The sad part of this is that her dad, who has stage-four cancer, is expected to die before Tara gets out of treatment. Also, Tara is young and it's hard to be in treatment during the exciting times of your life. There's actually a lot more sadness here, but it's not mine to get into.

Please pray for Tara as she quits drugs, learn who God has made her to be, and learns to walk confidently into God's grace. She needs all the help she can get.

Kristy and the kids left the same day Tara and I did. They went to Northwest Arkansas where they'll be for about two weeks. That means good times with the kids for Kristy and her family, but it's bachelor time for me. Hopefully, I'll use this time to get some much-needed stuff done. However, I do get very lonely when Kristy and the kids are away, so you locals need to have me over for dinner or coffee or something.

It's going to be a productive, reflective, and perseverence-testing couple of weeks...

On my trip back down from the treatment center, I got to swing through Metarie, LA and visit my brother, Kent. We hung out, played a video football game that I smoked him at [OK, he won, but I can lie, it's my blog], ate po-boys [I had shrimp... so good], and toured the devastated parts of New Orleans. Just seeing the water lines on the houses was unbelievable.

This Holy Week, I'm having a get-together at the house with some food, games, maybe a movie, but the highlight of the night will be an oberservance of Good Friday, Vox style. I'm excited...