is cussing a sin?

I was asked many questions as a youth intern. My favorite one was always, "Hey, Drew, do you think Creed [the band] is Christian?" But if I was ever asked, "Do you think cussing is a sin?" I think it would have been my second favorite.

Then I came across a term paper someone had written in response to the issue of cussing and sin. It was a good read. I've had many discussions around this issue, but I've seldom seen it so well-addressed.

Read it [through this blog post] and let me know what you think.


Michael Foster said...

Thank's for the link! Cody's article is thoroughly amazing...share it with a fundamentalist and watch their head explode.


RockinMominAr said...

Hmm - I go back and forth on this one. I mean - I can't imagine dropping the F bomb in front of Jesus if he were standing next to me but I also know that it's the WAY you say a word - the inflection you give it and the mental energy you impart to it that makes it a "sin".

Are some cuss words worse than others?????

I also think that people that use profanity a lot need to beef up on their vocabulary so they can use words to describe how they really feel. I don't feel I'm judgemental of people who cuss all the time but it IS hard on the ears. Don't get me wrong - I've "cussed" some (sometimes more than I would like) but I try to really watch it these days because you never know who is watching you and who might translate that into a "sin" according to THEIR theology. AND
Jesus did say to stay away from "coarse language". Isn't cussing considered coarse?

Anyway - that's my two cents worth.

Nuno Barreto said...

The article made sense to me.

Drew Caperton said...

Way to support your opinion, nuno. Any chance you could elaborate?

Drew Caperton said...

Also, let me comment on what people have said so far.

First of all, the idea is for honest discussion of what is Scripture with regards to cussing, not exploding heads.

Secondly, I actually think there are certain times when a cuss word is the exact word that should be used. You don't describe questioning the existence of God as "crappy," right?

Third, the paper addresses much of what rockinmominar brought up. He states that cussing is a social construct and not a sin at all. And to be honest, I agree with him mostly. Where I would pull back is that there are consequences to using cuss words in public, and we must measure that before we use them.

Cuss words are weighty words, and should be used to describe weighty things.

Drew Caperton said...

Ummm... sorry about the earlier comment, nuno. I was a little harsh, lo siento.