Vox Redux

When cihldren turn into adults, it's not instantaneous. It's a slow, somewhat grueling process called puberty. Filled with emotional roller-coasters, the fear of the unknown, and the joy of what-could-be, puberty is necessary and formative.

With Vox, I really think we're going through puberty. And like any teenager, our voice is changing and we're re-thinking a lot of old thoughts. It's very awkward for most involved, but it's also comforting because it means we're growing.. or at least we're trying to grow.

As we move forward, it's important to take note of where we've been and where we're going.

Where we've been
Much of what we did was simple, no-frills stuff. We didn't have music, bulletins, a building, not even a paid pastor. It was just me, Dallas, and a dream that was just beginning to be realized. If Vox wanted to change something, we changed it. If Vox wanted to try something new that week, we tried it. It was just us.

But that was also part of the problem. The bad side of keeping things so simple is that it's hard for others to get involved in the process. There's just not much for them to do because of the nature of the church.

Where we're going
So, we're jumping out there and inviting others to join in the journey. It's almost out of necessity as things are becoming more varied and complicated. We need to find a building to meet in. We need tax stuff done. We need to make some important decisions as a church, or at least as church leadership. So, I'm proud to say that Vox Church is having its first core group meeting this week. Looks like Vox Church is getting its driver's license, might even extend the curfew before too long.

Something else I anticipate will come from inviting others on the jounrey is a little color. Dallas and I tend to be minimalists, which isn't always that bad, but does tend to keep everything vanilla. Letting others create on the canvas of our church will bring in some much needed color and variety in how we do what we do.

So, here's to color, variety, complication, and prom. It's going to be a good ride.


Kristy said...

Will you be wearing a pink tux?

Sandy Mc said...

Interestingly I saw a picture of Drew sitting around last week in the F45 building...in reindeer garb...I vote for that;)


Drew Caperton said...

I deny any truth to that insinuation. I know nothing of reindeer, nor of their garb...

except that one Sunday...