praying works

...even in the mundane tasks of life. I almost forgot to post on this, but something just jogged the old melon.

Kristy and I were headed to Northwest Arkansas for the holidays. This meant 12 hours on the road one way in a car chock full of everything we'd need for 11 days of vacation. Not fun. It also meant that we'd get to hang out extra-long with Kristy's family, so everything was worth it, but still... very hard.

What made this trip even more daunting was the fact that Riley [then 6 months old] would cry every time [and the whole time] she was in her car seat. Kristy and I were seriously not looking forward to the long voyage, we were even semi-panicked about the drive up.

So, we decided to ask everyone at our church to pray, and they did.

I can tell you that I have never had a more stress-free trip in my parenting life! Riley didn't even have one fit, not one! She whimpered for a little bit here and there, but overall, nothing to speak of. Kristy and I even had a rare Caperton moment where we both said, "we're going to have to blog about this."

So, thank you Vox Church for praying for us, thank you other saints who also endeavored on our behalf, and thank you God for quieting Riley down and providing for us. You are gracious and merciful, even in the little things.