ninjas, burglars, and bums, oh my!

Last night as I was going to bed, I heard a noise. Not a normal noise, but a bump. You know like a burglar bumping into something, or a ninja carrying out an old enemy's vendetta against my family. It sounded very similar to those kinds of bumps. But after a while I just went back to bed; I had convinced myself that I was hearing things.

This morning, in my scramble to get out the door for work, I heard another noise. Not a bump this time, but a crash! It was in the addition to the house [which is still sectioned off from the rest of the house with a plastic sheet], and the first thing I did was say, "Who's there?" Yeah, like a ninja would ever say, "Oh, it's me the ninja, coming to kill you and your family, be there in a minute."

Seriously, I thought it might be a homeless man because a) it had rained all night long and b) we just installed a carport light that stayed on until late last night. Nevertheless, I had to see it for my own eyes. So, taking the umbrella as my trusty weapon, I inspected the addition. After a careful review, I determined with CSI-intuition that the crash I heard was a wooden shutter falling and breaking into a million pieces.

I was almost disappointed. I imagined there being a bum and us having a little chat which would end up with me offering the guy an undeserved helping of grace. But alas, no bum, no grace...

In other news: I did cut my finger this morning picking up broken pieces of a fluorescent tube. It's about 1/8 of an inch long.