Lafayette Christianity

I've been thinking of ways to bring the conversation of Christianity, churching, and church planting to Lafayette, LA via this blog. The goal is for people to share ideas on serving our South Louisiana community and preaching/living out the gospel of Jesus Christ, including loving criticism in the spirit of helping all of us serve/preach better. Hopefully, we'll get to know one another, too.

I've got some ideas on how to do this. I'd like for anyone [you don't have to live in Lafayette] to vote/critique/comment on the proposals, or even write your own. Please be helpful, if you don't like an idea, help make it better.

[drum roll] The ideas:

#1- Interviewing/emailing local church pastors, laymen, theologians, etc on their take on the world, the Church, and life in general. Posting these interviews and [possibly] allowing comments. Think: Perry Sanders on 'the future of the church in Lafayette'.

#2- Relaying articles from around the globe on Christ-related topics: social justice, evangelism, church planting, etc and allowing comments on their usefulness [or non-usefulness] within our local culture.

#3- Publishing local columns from people wishing to open up communication on Christ-related topics [see above] and allowing comments.

A word about the trouble this could bring. I do not desire to bring any destructive criticism against any church or pastor. Although that probably will happen, I don't want to throw out the synergistic conversation baby with the destructive criticism bathwater. I also will not allow myself or any others the luxury of making snide or sarcastic remarks on this blog. I believe that 99% of local pastors here are absolutely trying their hardest and we're all working in the framework/missiology that we think is great. So, if you just want to sit back and scoff, please go somewhere else.

One last time, the goal is loving, constructive comments and pushback, not the roasting of public servants that we may or may not like. So please, take it away.


Kent said...

sounds good.

Sean Walker said...

I think it would fly b/c I agree that the large majority of Lafayette's pastors are genuine. I personally would enjoy just reading and hearing what the hek is going on with other pastors...What works/doesn't work and why. I want to see Lafayette as a city be changed for the Lord, and I think this an awesome step in that direction.


Drew, I remember you being pretty passionate about this when I was hanging with you in high school. Sounds like that passion still burns deep inside you. Roll with that!

knones said...


Sounds like a great way to encourage each other.

If we could all adapt the Wesleyan principle of extending a hand across the isle to learn from each other and not try to convince each other that we are right or have all the answers, I think it can work. I also would encourage us to focus on ways to discuss the functions of ministry within the church (struggles, concerns, frustrations, ideas) rather than trying to compare personal forms and preferences.

Just some thoughts from the Arkansas gal.

Drew Caperton said...

Great thoughts. I agree with you, Beth, about staying away from comparing personal forms and prefernces. I want this to stay away from "workshop" [which are great, I just don't want to create one] and move toward "forum", where everyone can see the hearts of other Christians in town, including the ministers/elders/theologians.