drinking in Lafayette

Tripped over this post today and loved it. Very good in the discussion over alcohol, especially in South Louisiana where it seems to be more of a mountain [what it isn't] than a molehill [what it is]. I hope this can start some good, honest questions toward obedience to God in the arena of alcohol use and abuse.

Check it out: Alcohol, Abstention and Redemption

I would absolutely love comments, especially from the locals!


jerry said...

hmmn, he has a very intersting look on it. for one i NEVER considered the fact that we were redeeming it. speaking of redemption of people is one thing we always think of, but who ever says anything about redeeming things, such as the way we eat or drink. i think this is very valuable. maybe we can learn through this that being redeemed is not about "not doing certain things", but instead its more about "doing things in a way that is healthy, pure, and the way that God intended for them to be done in the first place". i'll put more stuff as i think of it.

Dallas said...

Thanks for the link, bro.

A great article with an absolutely exhausting field of comments.

What I find most amusing is the use of pluralist thought (different rules for me) by the Fundagelicals.

Kent said...

I agree with Jerry. It's about what you do in life in a way that is honoring Jesus Christ. There's no sin in drinking alcohol, but any kind of abuse to your body (God's temple) is of no honor.

Steve said...

Thanks for the link. I'm glad the post hasn't moved past its shelf life yet.