Church 2.0

It's amazing to think that what we're doing in Lafayette, LA with Vox Church is on two sides of the same wave.

We're "old wave" in that meeting together and praising God [even before the context of "church"] is something that started thousands of years ago. The context might have changed, but it's still coming together as believers in worship of God.

We're "new wave" in that we're breaking some new ground in a sort of redefining of what church really is. Andrew Jones, along these same lines, describes it as Church 2.0:

"Jesus 2.0? No . . . SILLY . . . He's the same yesterday, today and forever
Gospel 2.0? No . . same timeless message but the message has always been delivered and distributed in a particular context. And I am talking about . . . . yes . . . Context 2.0
Church 2.0? You bet."

Here's love for the Voxers who are pushing forward together in becoming a church family.