the rest of yesterday and this morning

The rest of yesterday went a lot like the way it started. Cajundome didn't go as planned and I couldn't volunteer. I had a presentation yesterday afternoon in front of a company's 200+ employees about what Big Brothers Big Sisters is, and that went off fine. Then I was supposed to be conducting a meeting of "Bigs on Campus," our college recruiting program, and not one student showed up. Over 200 emailed, over 40 called, and the oversight was that UL has Fall Break today and yesterday. We found this out after the whole meeting was set up and everyone at work had cleared their schedules. Bad, definitely bad. Even after I got home, I was talking with Kristy and I came off sounding demanding an unappreciative. Usually, I'm well-aware of when I'm like that because I'm in a bad mood or something, but I was fine. It didn't even occur to me that I was provoking Kristy with my words. All that was to say that going to bed was the second-most "successful" thing I did yesterday, the rest was mostly a wash.

This morning was a little different. I left for work early, put gas in the car for around $31, and sat at the coffee shop around the corner from work and read for about 20 minutes. I even got to finish it up with a short conversation with "Mello," a 60 year-old biker sitting next to me. I told him I work for Big Brothers Big Sisters, he said he wanted a "big sister" if I knew what he meant. Wow. Anyhow, it's a good morning and I'm ready for the weekend.

Lafe's coming down tomorrow and I get to see a ton of old faces tonight at my high school's homecoming football game. I didn't want to shell out the bucks for the after-party and the formal high school reunion [10 years] part of it, but going to the game will be great nonetheless.