just a spoonful of what?!

First of all, we're back and happy to be home and with electricity. The irony of our evacuation was that we left mainly because we thought the power would be out for a couple of days [with two kids in diapers, not pretty]. Once we got to Alexandria to stay with Kristy's Aunt Dee and Uncle Dan, the power went out the second night. I put a call in to my parents [in Lafayette] and they said they never lost power. So, we drove three hours only to lose power, when we could have driven ten minutes to not lose it.

Yesterday, at Casa Ole, as we sat down to eat, Jed did his unfailing routine of getting a chip, dipping it into the salsa and licking the salsa off the chip [and not eating the chip]. Well, this time, after we took the chips away and gave him a spoon to play with, he began eating salsa by the spoonful! The combination of hilarity and gag reflex was great. That boy is so much fun to have around.

I've shaved my head down to 1/8th of an inch [Jed barely recognizes me] and today is my frist day at work with the new 'do. I've had conversations with 7 people so far, and the seventh person was the first one to say anything about my hair. It's not just a little shorter, I shaved two inches off my head! My working environment [10 women and me] is proving to be quite funny.

For an extremely funny read, get on Google, type "french military victories", and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button. It's nothing regrettable, I promise, just follow the link.


jnthn said...

i knew google was helpful, but i didn't realize it had a sense of humor as well.