jobbing extended... bible study extended

Just to let everyone know. After many moons of waiting, I was not offered the job at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Acadiana, so it is very much back to the drawing board. Which sucks, by the way.

On to more fun news. Our church's bible study ended a little more dramatically than usual. I, along with a couple of others, got into deep debate over the idea of drinking (without getting drunk) as a sin and whether or not we had the freedom to do so.

Needless to say, it was a long discussion that I won't get into much, but the exciting part for me was at the end. This is the part where we had settled a little more on our disagreements and talked a lot about the future of our church, and how we needed people who could disagree with and appreciate each other at the same time. We talked about our children and their spiritual formation. Mostly, we talked about how it was a great, respectful conversation that we all benefited from. We ended with prayer, hugs, affirmation, and joy. I can honestly say I felt the presence (and grace!) of God in the whole of that important discussion.

My only wish was that more people could have been there for the end as we had to move the conversation to a coffee shop about 20 minutes into it.

Dallas has repeated the line to me over and over: "Freedom has to be fought for." He tells me how it won't just fall into our lap with this church plant. For the first time, I could visualize it.

In family news, Kristy has still not had the baby. For an update, check out her blog. She's feeling fine, except for the pregnant part. We're getting good time together, and that's been crucial for all of us. Jed is also happy and healthy. He sort of has a clue about something like a "sissy" coming, but he quickly diverts his attentions to hitting mom and dad in the face (and then getting spanked). So, it's hit and miss.

In other random news, I cut the back of my right foot with the toe nail of my left foot. They're not excessively long or anything, just sharp as nails! I'm sure my brother can attest to their sharpness as he was cut many times during the night when we'd have to share a bed. Nothing like sharp toe nails to really bring back the memories.


bob hyatt said...

Awesome man... (the conversation, not the toenail)

One of our sayings around evergreen is that we want to be able to disagree without disengaging. It takes guts for a community to admit "We don't all see things the same way, but we love each other nonetheless, and we're sticking together."

Keep it up :)

shauna said...

i'm sorry 'bout the job thing. i know it sucks at first. keep chuggin'. i can attest to this as well as Stu. we have both experienced the long and desperate job hunt, and ended up landing awesome jobs months later that are perfect for us. Stu just got a job at Cingular (the guy is always on his phone, how perfect is that!) and he is working in a Springdale store (heck, the guy is basically fluent in Spanish, how perfect is that!). prayers to you, Kristy, Jed, and Baby.